Foundling Buoy, 2006

Telescope, sound, swimming object,
north port, Sellerbrücke, Berlin, in the exhibition
“Normalnull – Kunst auf Berliner Wasserflächen”


audio text (german language; 1:11 min.)

A long gaze across the current. To the right destination and promise: a bundle is drawn to the sea. It’ s about Spreewald and North Sea, cuss words and gherkins. A glance reveals whether water, in a model, needs to be scaled down, whether it shrinks in the distance or remains beyond measure. What cannot be seen: the estuary. Delta. This brackish-water bitch is so devoted. Uninhibitedly she opens toward the sea; she has no principles and no salt content worth to mention. Eels she loves, loved trout and will love deep-sea crabs shortly. Delta lives in a milieu – at a concentration of three percent at most. She is familiar with longing and current. This bundle sent down the slope – this burden attributed to be levity – bobs up and down, a foundling buoy heading north. There is a gap between prospect and aspect and a gap between burden and solution (saline solution). Desire is merely a direction, like the glance, and all longing eventually geometric.