Formatting Blick, 2014

b/w print on baryt paper, three parts
each 118 x 144 cm


The three-part series Formatting Blick shows an arrangement with a wooden palette, a flat cardboard box and a sheet of paper, with four small corner-shaped objects “framing” the motif like the markings you see in a camera viewfinder. When she [M.B.] photographs the arrangement from three different viewpoints the original “frame” also shifts and effectively falls apart into the space. For Brandmeier this proves that the camera does not follow the photographic motif, but that the act of taking a photograph is a projection, a kind of pitch into the motif. What Brandmeier is showing us with almost formal logic here is that it is impossible to make an apparently neutral photographic record of something that exists independently of the photographic equipment and of the subject taking the photograph.

from: Ludwig Seyfarth. Restmenge des Möglichen /Remains of Possible Images. Translated from the German by Michael Robinson, London. Catalogue: Recherche – entdeckt! 6. Internationale Fototriennale Esslingen. Revolver Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2004